Pedal Coffee Company is run by two long-time friends and business partners.


Jodi Dowell Wieser has been intrigued by coffee from a very early age. Her dad used to regularly bring back coffee from his world travels. As she got older, she also got the travel bug, and after college she moved to Mali, West Africa for two years to focus on international development work.  Upon returning from Mali, she attended graduate school and earned a double masters in Intercultural Studies and Theology. She worked with Willem Boot, and the Boot Coffee Team, as a quality consultant and trainer for 7 years.  Now, she's a licensed Q Grader Instructor, as well as a Certified Instructional Trainer for the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Her life-long admiration for coffee, along with her education and experience abroad, provide the perfect framework for a successful career in the coffee industry. Jodi started Gather Coffee Company - a consulting company - in 2015. After 4 years of teaching around the globe, and having 3 kids,  it's time to put it all on the line to roast for our community. Pedal Coffee Company is born.



Marlee Benefield's interest in coffee first began while working as a barista in college, then only grew while doing qualitative research in coffee-centric Indonesia during graduate school. After graduating she lived in Istanbul, Turkey and fell further in love with the coffee culture there. Shortly after returning to the US, she began working at Equator Coffee, where she had her true introduction to specialty coffee. A couple of years later, she became a coffee consultant at Boot Coffee. There she had the privilege of working on numerous projects spanning the coffee industry. She spent her time marketing ultra high quality direct-trade coffees to roasters in the US while also teaching roasting courses to students from around the globe. She was also the Giesen Coffee Roasters representative in North America from 2010-2015. After partnering with Jodi, to start Gather Coffee Company in 2015, Marlee handled all of the marketing and design work, as well as roasting projects and private clients. She has worked with numerous coffee wholesalers and retailers to create unique coffee programs - from sourcing to roasting to brewing. 

Now, at Pedal Coffee Roasters, we are putting all our expertise to work just for you.